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European Theatre Festival Eurothalia

September 26, 2022, 7:30 p.m.-9 p.m., TMT Studio Hall

Bad Company

von Vito Weis –– Direction: Vito Weis

Coproduction: The New Post Office (Mladinsko Theatre & Maska Ljubljana), Moment (SLO)

With the need for isolation came a strong sense of psychological insecurity and a new company. We were suddenly left alone with ourselves.

Bad Company is the result of this state of mind: distilling the spirit of the age into a desperate need for an audience. A distillation devoid of words and almost any theatricality,  nothing less than a raw theatre experience. A distillation that refuses to be intrusive and instead offers a multicolored juxtaposition of scenic images. With them, the author tackles many pressing issues of the present age we live in, accompanied by music from another age - the time of a different epidemic.



With: Vito Weis

Direction consultant: Žiga Divjak

Movement consultant: Nina Pertot Weis

Music and sound design consultant: Tomaž Grom

Dramaturgy consultants and concept development assistants: Žiga Divjak, Nina Pertot Weis, Tomaž Grom

Light design: Vito Weis, Igor Remeta

Sets and costumes: Vito Weis

Technical manager : Igor Remeta

Producers: Tina Dobnik (Nova pošta), Nika Bezeljak (Moment)