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April 6, 2024, 3 p.m. (Season 2022-2023)
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Saturday, April 6, 2024, 3 p.m.-8 p.m., in the German Theatre Hall

NiL theatre weekend

NiL Theatre Weekend is that weekend of the year when all NiL theatre groups perform on the stage of the German State Theatre.

According to tradition, NiL theatre groups are presenting the prepared performances again this year. The group was founded in 1996 by Christian Bormann. Actors Ioana Iacob and Alex Mihăescu belong to the first NiL generation.

In 1998 Isolde Cobeț took over the group. Then NiL-Junior was born, to give secondary school students the opportunity to perform theatre. Following the same model, the After NiL troupe was created in 2008, out of the desire of a student, Isa Berger, to play theatre, which at the time was just a hobby. Between 2018 and 2023, Isa Berger, former NiL member, now an actress at the GSTT and theatre pedagogue, staged several productions. Robert Bogdanov-Schein, former NiL member and now an actor at the GSTT, has also been involved since last year. The latest theatre pedagogue to join this year is Alma Diaconu, who has also been an actress in the GSTT ensemble for two years.

The groups participated in various youth theatre festivals in Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine and Romania. Many of the GSTT ensemble members took their first theatrical steps at NiL.




15:00 - Prințul fermecat

17:00 - Greutatea furnicilor 

18:30 - Punk Rock

20:00 - Boeing-Boeing 


The Frog Prince after Claudia Kumpfe 

Two evil witches can't stand cheerful people. They concoct a nasty potion with the help of their cat and a raven. A brave prince is needed, but he cannot be found. 

With: Ana Hârța, Andrada Anton, Antonia Velovan, Daria Encuțescu, Rareș Alexa, Sabrina Holznagel, Sara Jebelea, Sandra Zenaky, Amalia Urtilă, Delia Bota, Natalia Stănculeasa 

Coordinators: Alma Diaconu, Robert Bogdanov-Schein


The weight of ants after David Paquet 

School elections are a week away and badly needed.  The school is in the same dreadful state as the whole world. But apart from Olivia and Jeanne, no one seems particularly worried. And yet, so much needs to change. 

With: Stefan Bogdan, Emma Diaconescu, Jennifer Landi, Mina Șelariu, Mara Tamași, Rebecca Țăranu 

Coordinators: Alma Diaconu, Robert Bogdanov-Schein


Punk Rock by Simon Stephens 

The play is about teenagers in an English high school and their problems. 

Featuring: Albert Ogodescu, Emma Parfenie, Thomas Kattesch, Sara Wasicsek, Eduard Bob, Anais Dragu, Theodor Pahone, Carol Fuchs 

Coordinator: Isolde Cobeț


Boeing-Boeing de Marc Camoletti 

Bernard are trei logodnice care aparțin unor companii aeriene diferite. El are  un sistem foarte special pentru a se asigura că cele trei nu se întâlnesc  niciodată. Și pentru că Murphy nu doarme niciodată, se întâmplă ca toate trei  să vină în casă în același timp. 

Cu: Christoph Krämer, Giulia Rudăreanu, Alexia Bălăsoiu, Anca Mircea,  Bernard Rudăreanu, Maria Deng. 

Coordonatoare: Isolde Cobeț 

Duration: 05:00