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German State Theatre Timișoara

The Maids

The project is part of the "First Row" program for promoting of young creators
Artistic coordination: Ioana Iacob & Olga Török

Every time the mistress leaves home, it is time for the two maids, Claire and Solange, to become the centre of attention. The two sisters play a game of pretence, impersonating the mistress and the maid, a ritual of domination and submission, humbleness and endurance, oppression and devotion, but also of rebellion. A perfidious game of power, with limitations that gradually fade away, until a phone call changes everything. 

"The maids are just as monstrous as ourselves, when we dream of one thing or another." (Jean Genet)

Olga Török and Ioana Iacob come to present us with their own interpretation of "The Maids":  one that does not lack malice, but adds a tinge of sorrow and emotion. From Ioana Popescu's scenography and Alex Halka's music, an energetic and rhythmical show comes to life, alternating with moments of serenity and profound emotion. 

Premiere: January 11, 2011, 7 p.m.
Duration: 01:00


Claire / Madame
Olga Török

Solange / Madame
Ioana Iacob
Artistic coordination
Olga Török
Ioana Iacob

Set and costumes
Ioana Popescu

Alex Halka (a.G.)


Technical direction
Liviu Oltean