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German State Theatre Timișoara


Performance after a concept by Florin Fieroiu

The show – developed as a performance by ten actors together with the choreographer Florin Fieroiu and his team – talks about gender roles and about society's expectations towards the individual. The movement elements and the texts created by the performers, seasoned with a dose of improvisation, generated a unitary show that comments with humour the deficiencies and aspirations of each. The opening of the German State Theatre towards movement theatre determinated the  invitation of this show at festivals, from Arad to Tbilisi, Georgia.

Premiere: November 16, 2012, 7:30 p.m.
Duration: 01:30


Press excerpts

"The Post-It Game. Another type of playful, postmodern, refined and bold, even, third show that we saw in Timişoara, derdiedans, choreographed by Florin Fieroiu at the German Theatre. The unusual performance is a group creation, to which all the members of the group contributed. […] derdiedans is a dance show with text, rather unusual for this type of staging, but also with… onomatopoeias which complete the stage movement. […] The show allows a tour de force for the performers' choreography – drama actors as background, all of them, but excellently integrated and acting triumphantly natural as dancers - but it is structured in a postmodern theatrical way, at the same time, which gives it additional coherency and adds an interesting dimension to its choreographic part."

Claudiu Groza in: Tribuna