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German State Theatre Timișoara

Mountain giants

by Luigi Pirandello –– Directed by Paolo Magelli

Coproduction with the italian department of the National Croatian Theatre in Rijeka, the Slovenian Repertory Theatre in Triest, the „Kosztolányi Dezső“ Theatre in Subotica and the Albanian Theatre in Skopje

Translation: Janko Moder

The multilingual co-production is aimed at the participation of national minorities in building the identity of a contemporary European identity. The idea of choosing the latest (unfinished) play by Luigi Pirandello lies in its aptitude of serving as a metaphor for contemporary Europe.

It is the story of a group of actors that arrive at a mountain villa named “La Scalogna” (misfortune). They wish to perform a performance about a lost son, but the people there explain to them that they don’t need theatre and that people that understand art no longer exist. It is clear that Pirandello anticipated the contemporary world due to the lack of empathy or interest for any kind of art.

The event is part of the pan-European theater project entitled (Re)Discovering Europe , financed by the European Union. It was initiated by the Italian department  from the National Croatian Theater from Rijeka. The project researches and promotes different ways through which national minorities help forme the contemporary European identity.  

Premiere: April 15, 2018, 7:30 p.m.


Valentina Banci

The count
Mirko Soldano

Anikó Kiss

Giuseppe Nicodemo

Daniel Dan Malalan

Xhevdat Jashiri

Mauro Malinverno

Quaqueo the dwarf
Boris Kučov

Duccio Doccia
Fisnik Zeqiri

Doroteja Nadrah

Richard Hladik

Mara-Mara, Maddalena
Silvia Török

The lady
Olga Török