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German State Theatre Timișoara

FAVOURITE PEOPLE – A European youth theatre production in Timişoara

15 October 2008

FAVOURITE PEOPLE – A European youth theatre production in Timişoara
On October 15th and 16th 2008, at 7 p.m., the Military Circle (1 Liberty Square) hosts the performance "Favourite People", by Laura de Weck, directed by Claus Tröger (Austria). The distribution includes: Karoline Comarella (Southern Tirol), Birgit Nothdurfter (Southern Tirol), Olga Török (Timişoara, Romania), Iosif Csorba (Timişoara, Romania), Marco Schaaf (Germany, Croatia), Manurishi Nanda (Southern Tirol). Scenography is signed by Klaus Gasperi, managing director of Brunico Municipal Theatre.

The premiere took place on September 27th 2008 in Brunico, the performance being a co-production of the German State Theatre in Timişoara, Brunico Municipal Theatre and the Youth Cultural Centre UFO (Southern Tirol).

"Favourite People" is the debut play of young Swiss author Laura de Weck. The world premiere took place at the Basel Theatre, in 2007. The play depicts six students overwhelmed by the fear of becoming adults. Their paths converge, they laugh and learn together, but certain words said during chatter set off huge catastrophes. A whole drama can occur even between two text messages.

The project benefits from the support of Timişoara City Council, the Autonomous Region of Trentino, Southern Tirol and Brunico Town Hall. The performances are translated into Romanian via headsets.

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