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German State Theatre Timișoara

GSTT goes on a Transylvanian tour from December 10th to December 14th 2007

10 December 2007

GSTT goes on a Transylvanian tour from December 10th to December 14th 2007
Hausvater's show Judgment and the fairy-tale – musical The Beauty and the Beast in the Capital of Culture
The German State Theatre in Timişoara has scheduled for the upcoming period a tour in Transylvania, in the European Capital of Culture, Sibiu, as well as in Braşov and Târgu Mureş, with the shows Judgment and The Beauty and the Beast (the programme of performances can be viewed below). The national premiere of Barry Collins' Judgment, which was first introduced to the public by Peter O'Toole, was staged by renowned director Alexander Hausvater. The cast includes actors Georg Peetz, Radu Miodrag Vulpe, Ioana Iacob, Isolde Cobeţ and Simona Vintilă. The scenography George Petre's creation, while the dramaturgy is signed by Alina Mazilu.
Judgment, by Barry Collins, uses a historically recorded event as a starting point: a number of Russian officers become prisoners during the Second World War and are locked by the Nazis in a cell, deprived of clothing and food. Only two of them survive by eating their fellow soldiers and are released two months later by the Red Army. They are now alienated and will be executed, so that soldiers cannot see the extent to which their superiors have degraded as human beings.
Barry Collins starts from the hypothesis that one of the two officers is still mentally sane at the time of the release and is brought before Court Martial in order to justify his actions. The text takes the form of a shocking account depicting just how humane and overwhelming the fight for survival can be. This fight can only be understood without labelling, pigeonholing or judging people. Cannibalism is a mere pretext to emphasize the complexity of the human being, to debate upon setting boundaries in limit situations, upon the atrocities of war and, in particular, upon the right to judge.
The show is rated 16 or over.
Alexander Hausvater is ranked among the most important Romanian directors. His dramatic achievements comprise over 150 shows staged from Israel to the USA, Canada and Eastern Europe. His directing concept for the play Judgment transforms this thrilling event into an memorable life experience for the spectator.
The Beauty and the Beast, created by Simona Vintilă and Ilie Setpan is a fairy-tale – musical for audiences of all ages. The producers of this show aimed at creating a theatrical version as close to the structure of classical tale as possible, without excluding modern elements, the actors engaging in acting, singing and dancing on the stage.
A handsome prince was cursed to have a hideous appearance until he would manage to win a person's heart. Young Bella reaches his castle: is she going to succeed in breaking the spell? The lyrics are written by Lorette Brădiceanu-Persem and Dana Borteanu. The cast includes actors Daniela Török, Boris Gaza, Ioana Iacob, Daniel Ghidel, Andrea Nistor, Dana Borteanu, Horia Săvescu, Isolde Cobeţ and Simona Vintilă. The scenography is signed by Geta Medinski, and the choreography by Helen Ganser.

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