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Young creators working on DON JUAN

16 March 2009

Young creators working on DON JUAN
On Tuesday, February 17th 2009, 7 p.m. Bega Shopping Centre hosts the premiere of "Don Juan", adapted from Jean-Baptiste Molière.

The new production continues the "First Row" programme aimed at promoting young creators, launched by the German State Theatre in Timişoara (GSTT) during the 2006 – 2007 season. The project is coordinated by actress Ramona Olasz. The actors Alex Halka, Horia Săvescu, Olga Török, Iosif Csorba and Ramona Olasz, will be accompanied by the GSTT orchestra.

About the play: Displaying lots of charm and strong will, Don Juan manages each time to subdue the women he desires, regardless of their social status, without loving them, but only for the purpose of indulging his self-esteem. Molière's tempestuous comedy conveying the sentimental and financial intricacies of the profusely seductive Don Juan, noble felon and refined hypocrite, had its absolute premiere in 1665, but today it still remains just as fresh and contemporary as it did at the time.

The show is translated simultaneously into Romanian.
Ticket reservations can be made online at or by telephone by calling the number 0256/201 291.

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