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German State Theatre Timișoara

Humans. For sale

by Carmen Lidia Vidu –– Direction: Carmen Lidia Vidu (a.G.)

Surtitles: RO/EN

Age limit: 12+

Humans. For sale is Carmen Lidia Vidu’s second collaboration with The German State Theater after Romanian Diary. Timișoara. Her new project is, similarly to Romanian Diary, a documentary theatre, which brings together cinematography, photography and theater.

While official propaganda warned about the „chaos” of the free world, Romania underwent one of the largest human trafficking schemes of the 20th century. Humans. For sale tells the story of how, between 1969 and 1989, the Romanian German ethnics were sold by the Romanian government to the German Federal government. It is a performance which brings to the spotlight the overnight disappearance of an entire community, and the efforts made by its members to flee the hostile environment they were living in, while being vilified for their wish to leave in a friendly state, a free state.  

Video appearances: Heinz Günther Hüsch,  Stelian Octavian Andronic, Johann Schaas, Germina Nagâț, Mădălin Hodor, Hanni Hüsch, Cornel Hüsch

Surtitles: RO/EN

Age limit: 12+ 

Premiere: April 14, 2022, 7:30 p.m.
Duration: 01:30


Carmen Lidia Vidu (a. G.)

Cristina Baciu (a. G.)

Costumes and sets assistance
Ioana Popescu

Rudolf Herbert

Live camera and music
Ovidiu Zimcea

Gabriela Schinderman (a.G.)

Direction assistance
Richard Hladik

Bojita Ilici

Technical direction
Adrian Georgescu

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