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German State Theatre Timișoara


by Herta Müller –– Directed by Niky Wolcz

Adaptation: Niky Wolcz, Valerie Seufert, Ulla Wolcz

Nadirs is a collection of short stories written by Banat born writer Herta Müller. The German State Theatre Timişoara presents the absolute premiere of the staging of one of the author's texts. At an age of maturity, the narrator remembers her childhood in Niţchidorf, her school years, the Sundays at the church, the dances and then the soirees and city experiences. She passes once more through the stations of those times and brings back to life characters from the past. She relives her own childhood fears, the arguments between her parents and the petty daily shams of the villagers by portraying them from a subjective perspective that is lacking in neither warmth nor humour.

Premiere: September 29, 2012, 7:30 p.m.
Duration: 01:45


The Narrator
Isa Berger
Eszter Tompa

The Narrator as a Kid
Mara Bugarin

The Mother
Ioana Iacob

The Father
Radu Vulpe (a. G.)

The Grandmother
Ida Jarcsek-Gaza

The Grandfather
Franz Kattesch

The Aunt
Enikő Blénessy

Daniela Török

The Great-Grandmother / A Neighbor
Anne-Marie Waldeck

The Great-Grandfather / A Neighbor
Paul Cebzan

The Shadow Man / The Man with the Matchbox
Harald Weisz

A Girl with braids
Silvia Török

A Witch
Tatiana Sessler-Toami

Toni / The first Gravedigger
Horia Săvescu (a. G.)

The Veterinary / The Organ Treadler/ The Postman / The second Gravedigger
Rareș Hontzu

The Pastor / The soldier
Boris Gaza


Niko Becker (a.G.)

The Teacher / A Neighbor
Isolde Cobeţ

A Bathing Whore
Olga Török

The Neighbors
Dana Borteanu
Ioana Bugarin
Oana Vidoni

Stage orchestra:
 Darko Acimov– Drums
Robert Kiss – Clarinet
Aurel Pişleagă – Accordion
Emil Zău – Trumpet
Cornel Adam – Tuba
Appearances in movie scenes:
 A Dancer: Iosif Csorba
The third Gravedigger: Josef Kradi
Kathi: Teodora Dan
Lorenz: Thomas Griesbacher
The Business Partner: Emilian Roşculescu
The Concierge: Ion Cristea
A Neighbor: Anna Helmbeck
The Tram Driver: Gheorghe Pandelea
In other roles in movie scenes:
Isa Berger, Florina Birta, Paul Cebzan, Milana Gyorits, Richard Hladik, Seline Matei, Daniela Tulai-Depner, Oana Vidoni.

Stage direction
Niky Wolcz (a.G.)

Stage & Light-Design
Helmut Stürmer (a.G.)

Zsolt Fehérvári (a.G.)

Film direction
Bogdan George Apetri (a.G.)

Assistant director and children care
Isolde Cobeţ

With participation
Ulla Wolcz (a.G.)

Assistant set decorator
Zsolt Fehérvári (a.G.)

Costume assistant
Dana Borteanu

Choreographic advice
Tiberiu Palikucsan (a.G.)

Choreographic and ethnographic advice
Edith Singer (a.G.)

Valerie Seufert (a.G.)

Valentina Peetz

Technical direction
Laurence Rippel
Costinel Stănescu

Sânziana Creţu


Lucia Preda (a. G.)

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