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German State Theatre Timișoara

The Fuchsiad

based on Urmuz –– An Heroic-Erotic and Musical Poem in Prose –– Translation in German: Oskar Pastior –– A theatre installation imagined by Helmut Stürmer, assisted by Silviu Purcărete

The Fuchsiad, a "heroic-erotic and musical poem", as the author himself described it, shows the odyssey of Fuchs, starting with his birth: "Fuchs, upon being born, chose to come out through one of his grandmother's ears, his mother having no musical ear to speak of". Fuchs has musical talent, so he becomes a piano virtuoso. One night he travels with his piano and gets to a dark area where, for three hours, performs "various exercises of legato, staccato" dedicated to the Vestals of Pleasure. Venus hears the music, feels drawn to Fuchs and invites him for a night in Olympus.

Premiere: September 18, 2015, 7:30 p.m.
Duration: 01:10


Press excerpts

"As noticed before, the ensemble of The German State Theatre Timişoara, along with the actresses invited from the Hungarian Csiky Gergely State Theatre, proves once again its commitment and professionalism, its rigor and discipline, its art in theatrical expression. As in Moliendo café, the team works as one, although individuals stand out.  The threads of the story are gathered by Fuchs, played by actor Rareş Hontzu, expressive and precise, graceful and poetic,  in the complete bizarreness of his character. Now and then this part is doubled by Little Fuchs (later the White Clown, with a touch of satire) suggestively constructed by actress Silvia Török with the help of movements and sounds – gasps and onomatopoeia."  

Maria Zărnescu in Yorick, September 2015, Romania